Monday, May 18, 2020

2020, The Year of Tremendous Opportunity

2020, The Year of Tremendous Opportunity

The online marketplace today in 2020 could be the most challenging
times in history for all types of businesses. Given the current Covid-19
pandemic, the financial uncertainty  for millions of people, and the
daunting prospect of  doom and gloom from so many sources, this year
could play out to be the start  of one of the most chilling eras in World History.

And at the same time, this year could very well be the most  positive and
productive  year for the Entrepreneur that uses the rare  opportunities
that these events are creating. It really will all depend on the individual
Mindset and action plans that each one of us implements. No matter how
you perceive the current cataclysmic state of the world,  one powerful
fact remains; if you are successful in presenting yourself as a positive,
intelligent  and caring person in your branding efforts, then you could very
well  become one of the next highly successful and respected  people
alive today.

Promoting yourself can be a mysterious and often mystical challenge.
What could possibly make you stand out from the thousands of others
in this "wild-wild-west" frontier of the 21st century world wide web?
What could make you seem special, and beyond that, actually capable
of guiding others to that elusive prize of financial freedom with unlimited
 joy and happiness?

I am here today to tell you that a big part of the answer to this fundamental
marketing question lies in the effective use of "Branding".

Branding has long been a mainstay in the world of commerce. From Ivory
soap to Ford Mustang automobiles, companies have collectively spent
millions and millions of dollars to create a name for themselves. Fortunes
have been made and lost over what the buying public perceives as both
good and bad brands. And it is all, just like the true reality of the universe
itself, always only temporary. A company could take years to establish itself
as a good-high-quality brand and then almost overnight, can be dashed
into obscurity by simply some bad publicity.

So, how does all of this relate to the small up and coming internet business
owner? How can the promotion of your brand be effectively broadcasted to the
buying public?

The answer is quite simple and straight forward. Put yourself out there where
all can see you.  Use all of the social networking sites that are available
Today. This includes, but is not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, and Twitter.
Make sure that you include your current contact information with your
posts  and Videos.  Make it easy for a new potential associate to get in
touch with you so they can actually communicate with a real human
being and not be discouraged that their comments or questions will just
go out and disappear like so much dust and debris.
Put a recent photo of yourself on your contact page that gives actual
identity to you and your content.

The extra effort and time that this “total transparency” system of marketing requires will have far reaching benefits for you and your
future customers and associates. In fact, it could literally mean the difference between building a life-changing income and lifestyle or
staying in relative obscurity and financial hardship that looms ahead for the vast majority of people on our planet.

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