Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best and most effective ways to make money on-line is
Affiliate Marketing. In fact, thousands of internet business men and
women are making 5, 10 or even $20,000 every month by simply
pointing their ads to the highly professional and competent sales
pages that are produced by seasoned and savvy internet company
owners and operators.

In my opinion the digital publishing product niche is the most rewarding
for the beginner or experienced internet marketer. To create
informational, training, or entertainment oriented digital products,
and then using good marketing strategies to sell them, is one of
the most highly lucrative on-line business models today.

This is especially true in the current extraordinary state of affairs
that the world community finds itself in today. With the world wide
pandemic brought on by the introduction of the Covid-19 virus,
and the tremendous financial and political uncertainty that it is
causing, the world market is crying out for innovative and profitable
ventures that can be used to replace the old and worn out business
solutions of the past. In fact, in my opinion, 2020 marks the beginning
of a whole new era in how people work and make money. The working
from home model that captures the tremendous opportunities of this
new Information Age has infinite potential. It is simply up to the individual
to decide and pursue an on-line lifestyle that many have already found
to be rewarding and sustainable.

Affiliate Marketing has been around now for many many years. There are
hundreds of on-line communities and businesses that teach the ins and outs
of creating income from selling other peoples products. And, of course, many
people that started out with affiliate marketing have evolved into creating
their own quality products and services that are now being sold directly by
these new vendors.

I have found a wonderful and highly successful internet company that has
already created millions of dollars of sales. They have been in business
since 1998 and have more than 6 million clients world wide according to
Wikipedia. It is the 87th largest internet retailer in North America with it's
headquarters in Idaho and offices in Colorado. This company is ClickBank.

From Wikipedia's Website:
        "ClickBank is an e-commerce platform for digital goods and services
          between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and
          affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers. ClickBank
          works through an affiliate network that assists vendors in building
          visibility and revenue, generating opportunities."

I have recently become a member of the ClickBank community and have been
learning how to create an on-line lifestyle that I am discovering to be very
rewarding and fascinating. As my on-line business grows, I will continue to
offer my experience and ideas to others who are interested in pursuing this
unique and timely internet business model.

For more information on the ClickBank opportunity click here.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Mindset and Meditation

Mindset and Meditation

If you want to be successful in today’s highly competitive world
of internet marketing you must have an extraordinary mindset.
In fact, in my view, only 20% of your energy should be focused
on choosing and implementing good internet marketing strategies
like; Affiliate Marketing, Blog and Newsletter creation, and
Digital Publishing. The 80% of your total energy that remains
should be directed to improving your mindset. The daily practice
of mind improvement is absolutely essential in your journey to
success on the internet.

In my life, meditation, and specifically the daily practice of
Mindfulness, is a necessary component. My practice includes
two forms of meditation. The first one I use at the beginning
of each day as I awake. By spending at least 20 minutes in
mindfulness meditation before I get up, I am setting the field
for a happy and productive day. So, what exactly is Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation, for me, is being aware of the first
thought that enters my mind. Once that thought is realized,
I then acknowledge that thought and “let it go”. At this point,
I direct my mind to focus on a specific Mantra. A Mantra is
simply a sacred word that I use to transport my thoughts to
a space of stillness. In my case, I use the word, “Stream”.
Being a true lover of the natural wonders of our world, this
word carries me to one of my favorite places on the planet.
This spot is a place on the banks of a tributary of the
South fork of the American River high up in the Sierra Nevada
Mountain Range.

My second form of Meditation, that I try to do each day, is
called, “Walking Meditation”. In this practice, I drive to an isolated
local spot near my home and go for a pleasant stroll. I also
try to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes with this exercise. As I
walk, I become intently aware of my surroundings. The
creatures, the sky, the plants and trees, all become my focus.
Simultaneously, I continue my Mindfulness exercise to help
calm and relax me.

I have read many sources of wisdom over the years, and an
underlying theme has been revealed to me. And that is to spend
as much time on self-improvement as you can if your goal
is to achieve happiness and well-being in your life. Creating
wealth and financial freedom is an important part of that process.

For me, my spiritual practice helps create a better and specifically
a more giving attitude toward my human companions here on
Planet Earth. The truly successful Entrepreneur is a person who
gives much more value to his potential customers than he ever
expects to receive.

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2020, The Year of Tremendous Opportunity

2020, The Year of Tremendous Opportunity

The online marketplace today in 2020 could be the most challenging
times in history for all types of businesses. Given the current Covid-19
pandemic, the financial uncertainty  for millions of people, and the
daunting prospect of  doom and gloom from so many sources, this year
could play out to be the start  of one of the most chilling eras in World History.

And at the same time, this year could very well be the most  positive and
productive  year for the Entrepreneur that uses the rare  opportunities
that these events are creating. It really will all depend on the individual
Mindset and action plans that each one of us implements. No matter how
you perceive the current cataclysmic state of the world,  one powerful
fact remains; if you are successful in presenting yourself as a positive,
intelligent  and caring person in your branding efforts, then you could very
well  become one of the next highly successful and respected  people
alive today.

Promoting yourself can be a mysterious and often mystical challenge.
What could possibly make you stand out from the thousands of others
in this "wild-wild-west" frontier of the 21st century world wide web?
What could make you seem special, and beyond that, actually capable
of guiding others to that elusive prize of financial freedom with unlimited
 joy and happiness?

I am here today to tell you that a big part of the answer to this fundamental
marketing question lies in the effective use of "Branding".

Branding has long been a mainstay in the world of commerce. From Ivory
soap to Ford Mustang automobiles, companies have collectively spent
millions and millions of dollars to create a name for themselves. Fortunes
have been made and lost over what the buying public perceives as both
good and bad brands. And it is all, just like the true reality of the universe
itself, always only temporary. A company could take years to establish itself
as a good-high-quality brand and then almost overnight, can be dashed
into obscurity by simply some bad publicity.

So, how does all of this relate to the small up and coming internet business
owner? How can the promotion of your brand be effectively broadcasted to the
buying public?

The answer is quite simple and straight forward. Put yourself out there where
all can see you.  Use all of the social networking sites that are available
Today. This includes, but is not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, and Twitter.
Make sure that you include your current contact information with your
posts  and Videos.  Make it easy for a new potential associate to get in
touch with you so they can actually communicate with a real human
being and not be discouraged that their comments or questions will just
go out and disappear like so much dust and debris.
Put a recent photo of yourself on your contact page that gives actual
identity to you and your content.

The extra effort and time that this “total transparency” system of marketing requires will have far reaching benefits for you and your
future customers and associates. In fact, it could literally mean the difference between building a life-changing income and lifestyle or
staying in relative obscurity and financial hardship that looms ahead for the vast majority of people on our planet.

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Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing Out from the Crowd

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of people in the world who need more fulfilling lives. They may be working hard every day at a job that they feel like they have to stick with because they need the money to pay their bills. They may be unemployed for any number of a thousand reasons and are on the verge of losing their place to live. They also may be a struggling internet or network marketer that is convinced that if they could just “figure it out”, then they could finally have that dream of financial freedom.

 So lets just say that you are a member of that last group. You have been working for months, perhaps years, on joining various companies and business opportunities with limited or virtually no success.You are running ads, writing blogs, creating sales web-sites, joining on-line business communities, and talking to everyone you know with no real success. What else can you do? Well folks, I’m here to tell you that the most important thing for you to realize is that you can NEVER GIVE UP ! You must continue to keep searching for the right strategy that will bring you some results. You must keep running those ads, writing those blogs, and continuing to network with anyone you can find that could help you create your first successful campaign. Once you discover that the pain of living your life the way it has been is far worse than the frustration, anxiety and hard work required to change your life, then, and only then, will you be on the road to success.

 So what can you do to have an advantage over the hundreds of newbie wannabe successful internet marketers that are competing for the same new customers that you seek. How can you stand out from the crowd and present yourself as someone that would be good to work with? Well the answer, my friends, is to slow down and relax. Forget about that fast “viral” YouTube video that will start funneling thousands of dollars into your bank account overnight. Or that “get rich quick” scheme that you just heard about from the internet guru who has showed you his click bank accounts of $27,000 that he made just yesterday.

 What will work for you is the same method that has worked for successful networkers and salespeople for decades. And that is to communicate with one person and work on building a trusting relationship. Ask them what they want in their life. Ask them who they would like to become. Ask them what they would like to do and where they would like to go. Ask them what movies that like to watch, books they like to read, and music they like to listen to. Get to know them and tell them the same things about yourself. If you spend time doing this, then it will give far better results than any other activity you can do to help build your business. Become someone that truly cares about other people. By helping others succeed you will succeed. By mastering the art of relationship building, you will truly be well on your way to a fulfilling and joyful life.

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The Dream Lifestyle

The Dream Lifestyle

It has always been one of my life time dreams to discover a
 truly enjoyable way to generate income.

 I have always felt 
that the happiest people on the planet are those that can
 get up each morning and be truly inspired to go to work,
or even better, stay at home and work.
Writers, artists, free-lance entrepreneurs, or any one of
 hundreds of occupations that can be done from home 
and lead to fulfilling and abundant lifestyles have always
 been very attractive to me.

Lately I have been thinking very strongly about becoming
 my dreams of creative self-sufficiency. To finally rise
 above the thoughts of making money and having enough 
of it to be comfortable is truly what living a joyful life is all about.

One of the realizations that I have discovered is that I
 have made myself way too isolated to create this abundant 
lifestyle that I crave. I must spend more energy to network
 with like-minded people that share my passion of becoming
 more financially self-sufficient.
With these thoughts in mind, I am sharing this post with 
the goal of finding and communicating with people 
who are looking to expand their financial 

I invite you to visit two of my websites that I have created over the years.

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